Learn How To Stop Feeling Unhappy

How to keep our physical and mental health in the best condition. Only the harmony of our bodies and minds will make us happy. Some tips about this are in this blog. One is to keep ourselves fit. Another one is to keep our brains sharp. They go hand in hand. Keeping our body fit will help us in a long run to keep our minds sharp. If we are not in shape physically, then how can we expect to be mentally sharp?

Stay connected to the world around us

It is also necessary to stay connected to the world around us and be involved in other people’s activities. It helps to keep us fresh. It is important to keep our body in shape so that our minds will stay sharp.

Another concern – socially active. We have to help others in any way we can. It is important to be a part of the community, where and when we can. If we are not part of the community then we cannot help others. It is necessary to help the community because it is us who is suffering. We are the ones who are poor. It is not the other people who are poor. If we help ourselves then no one has to suffer.

Keeping ourselves mentally and physically in good condition is one way to keep ourselves in good company. Good company means friends and relatives who love us and who care about us. It means people we can trust and who keep us busy. Those who don’t keep us busy are the ones who keep us mentally and physically in bad company.

Contentment and confidence

When we are with good people we are happy. We feel content and confident. A good company will make us happy and give us contentment and confidence. Sometimes a lot of bad company is not a problem. But the fact that we have to keep changing the bad company we keep adding to our cart, makes our mental cart grow long and won’t allow us to think and feel focused and content. This is the kind of state that makes us feel uncomfortable and unconfident. The state that leads us to look for more and more things to control. The problem is we have to keep changing these bad companies to keep these feelings under control.

If we stay constantly in the uncomfortable happy state we can achieve the goal of contentment and confidence. At that point, we will have a very good reason to change our bad company. Feeling happy will keep us busy. Focusing on something we are passionate about will keep our brains at work and they will keep our feelings in check. Keeping our minds and our feelings in good company and feeling happy will do a whole lot to keeping us happy.

This post is not intended to be a treatise on the nature of contentment. That is a topic for another post. What we are discussing here is how to achieve contentment and confidence. How to be happy and let people and circumstances get in our way only when it doesn’t make us unhappy. For those of you who study psychology or have lived with people who have this kind of pathology, you will find a lot of these things in common with people who don’t, but in the context of working on them, and for those of you who are trying to achieve and stay happy, this post is for you.

How to stay in a happy place.

1. The first thing you want to understand is that unhappiness in and of itself is not an illness.
We have been made to believe we are ill if we are not happy. However, being unhappy is not a disease. The word disease has been co-opted by the pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs. There is nothing wrong with being unhappy and wanting more out of life than what you are receiving.

2. When we are unhappy it makes us feel trapped.
Trapped for what, you ask? Well, you want to know how do I get out of my unhappiness, you ask. The first thing you want to understand is that happiness is not a habit. It isn’t something you can go to bed and wake up saying I am so happy. We have to choose to be happy, and then wake up and make the choices to be happy.

3. When we feel happy it fills us with a sense of peace and contentment.
The brain is like a storehouse of information. It stores what we have done and how we have behaved in the past. It keeps track of what we have learned from past experiences, and it keeps track of our physiological status. When we feel happy, the brain fills our body and mind with positive feelings. If we don’t feel happy, the brain will send out signals that we are feeling unwell, so that our body and mind know that it is time to deal with the feeling of unhappiness.

4. The brain sends signals to our body to deal with unhappiness.
The body will take the signals from the brain and make us feel unwell, and therefore bring about the feeling of unhappiness in our body. The body will then take the signals from our body and do those things that we have learned to do when we feel unhappy, such as eating, drinking, smoking, and drinking some more. So what can we do to overcome unhappiness?
The first thing we can do is to not have more feelings of unhappiness. If we have learned to fall back on old behaviors to deal with unhappiness, then we can stop doing that. It is not so hard as it may seem, but there are ways to help us succeed in our tasks.

The things we have learned to do when we feel unhappy are our brain’s way of letting us know that we have to deal with the feeling of unhappiness in some way. If we don’t know how to do those things, we can learn by doing them. So what we have to do is to learn as many of those behaviors as we can. Once we have learned all those behaviors, then we will stop feeling unwell.

There is no “magic” recipe that will make the effects of stopping unhappiness last forever, but you can improve upon the regular routine that gets used as the base, by adding on this.

The next thing that you can do is to have more positive thoughts in your mind. To do that, you must practice thoughts that make you feel happy. Thoughts like “I am happy”, “I am relaxed”, “I am safe”, “I am content”, “I am fulfilled”. To help you with that, you can take all those words and add your family name to them. For example, if your name is John, you can say “I am John, John Smith”, “I am happy, happy John”. The ideas would be the same for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Once you have done those things, and you are relaxed and happy, you are content, and you are safe, then you have to do it for at least a couple of minutes every day, and watch how the effects change your mood, your beliefs, your behaviors, your attitude, your self-esteem, and your energy. You will see that it changes everything.

Once you have done those things, then you have to ask yourself whether you are happy. Are you content? If the answer is no, you need to do what I am telling you now again.


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