Back Pain Help – Do Not Sit or Lift For Too Long!

One of the first things that a practitioner will teach you when you first arrive at their clinic is how to keep your back in line. You want your pelvis in a neutral position. You also want your lower back in a straight line with the floor. Practitioners will then instruct you on how to keep your core tight to keep your posture in check. After several sessions of this, you will begin to find out how your lower back problems came about. You will then start to take control of your pain and see where it takes you.

I know that you are thinking “How can I keep my lower back in line? How can I keep my pelvis in neutral?”

Well, the answer is very simple really. You can get a belt that slips under your jeans to keep your pelvis in line. This is very easy and also very inexpensive. You can find these belts for around $10.00 US. I use one myself. I have two and use the other one to keep my shoulders in line with the rest of my body.

If you want to go further you can purchase a belt that will hold your pelvis in line while also holding your lumbar in line. This is not that hard to do but is very expensive. I have seen them cost around $50.00 US. I would not say that this is a good idea but you can do it if you want. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

The best way to keep your pelvis in line is simply by using a stability ball. You simply lay down on the stability ball with your pelvis in line with the floor. The ball is already in place so you don’t have to move or make a movement. Just lie down and relax and let gravity take over. Done correctly you will start to feel the muscles in your back relax. Gravity is your friend. It works overtime to put your pelvis in line with the floor. It is not necessary to lie down in order to achieve this. However, it is a much easier method.

You can get your back in line by using a lumbar support belt, a lumbar stability ball, a stability chair, a lumbar support roll, or even a lumbar support pillow. These are all good and all. I have tried them all and they are all good ways to keep your back in line. They are all different. None of them are better than the others for keeping your back in line. It is just as you wish.

The only problem with using these is that they do take some getting used to. In order to keep your back in line, you have to bend your knees when you sit, and sometimes you have to lean back in order to get your pelvis in line. But this is easily remedied. It is simply a matter of exercising the muscles in your back that are causing you to have back pain in the first place.

So what is really the issue? The underlying problem is not with the stability balls, the underlying problem is a lack of strength in the muscles in your back. If you do not have strong back muscles then they will not be able to keep your pelvis in line.

You may have read before that it is important to strengthen the front of your body and the back muscles to maintain a strong core. Well, I want to add one thing to this article. Do not neglect the muscles in your front. The muscles in your front are the gluteus muscles and the hamstring muscles. These are the big muscles in your front and are also the muscles that run along the top of your thigh. If these are weak then your back will have to take up the slack.

You have heard about using a stability ball for stability exercises? Well, it is true what they say about using a stability ball for stability exercises. I am not saying you should buy one, but you can use one as a stability ball and stability chair. It can be used for stability exercises to maintain a healthy spine. It is a good bench and support option. I am just pointing out that there are other options.

When I first started to be in practice I was told I was nuts to get a stability ball. Then one day while working in my yard and I have the balls and I was very impressed. I had always heard about the ball but never thought I would ever need one. So when I was asked by my doctor how I could possibly live without one and I told him that it is hard not having one but I would use it before I would use a stability chair. A few weeks later and I had the ball in my office and have been using it ever since.

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